Unicorn Markets is a company built by machines, for machines.
We were building the AI revolution before AI became a revolution.

We see companies professing AI worthy work with
image recognition or natural language processing toolkits.
Alexa is a glorified sales catalog that comprehends nothing,
and the state of the art image recognition
has been precluded by people sitting and tagging pictures.

Is this the best we can do? Is this Intelligence?
The world is doomed to an abyss of idiocracy
if this is all we can summon up.

Unicorn Markets believes that how we train a human,
we will train a machine. And how we train a machine,
we will train a human.

We are creating Unicorns. One of a kind.
Irreplacable. Unique. Extraordinary.

And we believe this singular exceptional type
is the ONLY scalable solution.